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okay so i just saw a latenight commercial (therefore it's probably total crap) for the trikke cambering vehicle and it looks awesome and i wicked want one right now. i don't suppose any of you are secret cambering experts and can tell me about these things, no?
if not, it appears the nearest dealer is 3 1/2 hrs from here, so i guess i'll have to wait til after the move to find out.
i'll also note, while i'm thinking about this, it claims you need about as much back-and-forth wobble room as the width of a standard sidewalk, which sounds good except this means you would be running down everyone else trying to just take a little walk. and wiggling through traffic seems like a fantastically bad idea. updates as more detail emerge! or more likely, as i don't ever think of it again after like 3 days!

EDIT: i just watched some youtube trikking videos and it looks sort of annoying. jk new interest.

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