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this post was written over the course of about 30 hours, so all time references are wrong. it's also badly edited. once we got internet i should've just posted it but i kept adding more on.

i've been here like an hour, the house is filthy (apparently they had squatters over the break[1]), only 5 or so people are moved in yet, and i already love it! it's silly and dirty and fantastic!
i think most people's response will be like julie's -- appalled -- but nuts to that. i am very excited for my time on hippy island.

i don't know when i will be able to post this, since we don't have working internets here yet, it seems. but i'll keep writing, and put it up when i can.

i am mostly moved in, but not unpacked. for good reason this time, tho! since most of the people haven't moved in yet, there may be squabbles later on about who goes in which room. i don't feel like unpacking only to have to repack a week later. so for now i will live out of boxes, which i have practice in anyway.
actually! i have been advised to just stake a claim on a single now (i put my stuff in an empty double because it was convenient). the single right next to the room i'm in now is apparently free, and really big actually. but the girl who used to live there left all her stuff. i guess we're past teh deadline of people moving out so i can just toss her stuff in a corner and take over, but the room is like too nice to be disturbed. seriously it is set up like all perfect, the bed is even made, as if she isn't moved out and is just out for a walk. and i don't know what's hers or the house's. i'm scared to go make a mess of it when it is so set up, because it's like she is going to show up tomorrow all wtf did you do to my room i still live here.
so anyway i started moving her stuff all into a corner, and i feel like a huge creepazoid moving all her things around. it was such a nicely arranged room, it really feels like she still lives here. but everyone insists she is gone and just is using the room for storage. i'm seriously half afraid she is going to come back intending to still live here and be all freaked out that i am in here and movedall her stuff. but everyone insists she's gone and i should claim the room.
also i just now noticed that the door is padlocked. her room connects to mine through the bathroom so i had been going in that way. i didn't ever look at the door off the hallway til just now when i went to open it. also, the smoke detector (or possibly the thing next to it, i can't tell) makes this loud chirpy beep sound every few minutes and it's really annoying.

oh and apparently there are people trying to sabotague the house so we get thrown out. we're in a ritzy neighborhood, i am told the property value on this place is intense, and under the grime this is a really good (and big!) house. so there are folks who would love to see us tossed out so they can buy the place, fix it up, and sell it for bajillions. i've lived here an hour and already had a discussion on eminent domain, on the front porch. i love it.
sabotague, by the way, was not an hyperbole. evidently some dude a few days ago drove up, opened our trash bins, tossed the trash all over the yard, took pictures of it, and drove off.

[1] squatters, you are not nice! i totally support the squatting movement, but apparently the people who were here did not, since they left the house full of trash and crud. you ain't invited back.

there are like 3 dogs that live in the house. but sophie is the only one who seems to wander around, the others just go for visits or something. i had this stuffed bird toy with a squeaky birdcall thing in it that i got at the village ages ago for a cat toy, but the cats were afraid of it. sophie LOOOOOVES it. she carries it around with her everywhere, it's awesome.

i seriously love this place so far. not a lot of people have moved in yet, so maybe it'll be different when it's crammed with folks, but right now it seems like itll be just what i hoped. it's messy and chaotic; it looks like a house full of hippies and artists, which is what it is. the sort of place where someone will paint something on the wall in the hallway, and someone else will comment on it with sharpie. the walls are all covered in paint splotches and penciled poems and weird stickers.

re: me wandering the house taking pictures (which i will post as soon as i remember where my camera's usb cord is)
King Nixon (5:03:20 PM): and i found a bunch of stairs and doorways i hadnt seen before
King Nixon (5:03:26 PM): this place is a maze!
King Nixon (5:03:55 PM): well not really a maze, but just there's no way to tell from the hall which doors go to stairs to the basement i didnt know were there, and which go into someone's room[2]
iethegovt (5:04:04 PM): yeah
iethegovt (5:04:07 PM): that sounds like fun though :x
King Nixon (5:10:25 PM): it is!
iethegovt (5:11:31 PM): my friend nates house is kind of like that
iethegovt (5:11:36 PM): with random side rooms and hallways and things
King Nixon (5:17:06 PM): awesome. places like that just beg for exploring. preferably at night with flashlights

[2] when i was first moving in, we were looking around. we were in one empty room, and julie says "is this a closet?" and opens a door. on the other side was a girl and a dog.

and i swear to god somebody was in the basement playing creepy 'phanton of the opera' organ music, while i was exploring. i was afraid to go see who, but later i did, and no masked phantom, but there is a full music practice room down there, with amps and drums adn a bass and a big organ that i can barely figure out how to work. people have just been leaving things. and apparently marty's girlfriend sings in a grindcore band and they practice down there. so you should all come over and listen to grindcore.

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