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if any of you are curious, here is what casey's and my trip was. the routes weren't exactly that, but the destinations and approx driving times and suchlike. we went 3500 miles! i want to write up a post about the whole trip, but whenever i plan to summarize a whole big thing, it never happens. who wants to write about a week's worth of stuff all at once? LIVEJOURNAL BE MORE CONVENIENT. POST AUTOMATICALLY BY ESP.

today i went to an open mic and was reminded that i'm not actually very good at the guitar. jesus there were some amazing people there.

i love that i haven't even been here a week yet. i've met a bunch of awesome people. this really feels like when i first moved into woodruff, and we were all like yay new people yay new friends! only i'm somewhat less socially defective now, so it's even better.

tonight i had a snack of oatmeal with nacho cheese sauce and garlic powder. it was delicious.

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