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casey gave this summary of our trip in a comment. i like it and it is now the official summary.

dan and casey drove across the country together in 6 days stopping in 5 places to see 3 mutual friends and 1 seperate friend of each. casey fasted his way across the continent while dan mostly ate food that casey would normally go ga ga over, only in such small portions that casey wished dan would just eat more so he could be saetiated via dan. there were highs and lows for the pair... like that time they crossed the continental divide in colorado and then there were the times casey keeled over from stomach pain from his lemon juice mixture with about 20 times the cayanne pepper called for... or the time dan got blown off at one stop only to have a top knotch night on the town mingling with nice ladies. also somewhere in the middle of all this they acted as temporary male/father figures to 3 little boys and interacted with the most mentally deficient employee of waffle house ever, infact she was so stupid her idiocy temporarly rubbed off on them and they lost the ability to count money... they recovered their intelligence while watching television in their dank motel 6 in denvers industrial sector. on a military base in kansas they studied the uniforms of 19th century american calvary soilders. in st louis they traded beers at the fabled stomping grounds of chuck berry. in portland they lost each other in the largest indepdent bookstore in the world only after visiting a mansion in the citys 'rain forest'. in philidelphia they drank a genorous pitcher and then were a part of the loosing a friends roomate in the hippest part of town while trying to quell caseys cross country hunger lust for a vegan philly cheesesteak. all the while they traded off 5hr driving shifts in the soggy bottomed vehicle which of course they were pulled over in on a bitterly cold desert utah morning by the nicest cop the world has ever known.

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