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* first thing this morning (by which i mean a little after 11) tracy came to get her stuff from the room. without her piles of things and especially without the bed, my room looks sooo empty.
* but it won't be my room for long. i finally figured out how the situation is going down, and this room is definitely becoming a double, so i am going to move back to the room i started in, which is a much much bigger double. fokian (i think that's how his name is spelled, but don't hold me to it) lives there now and he seems cool.
* to replace my sadly taken bed, i dragged one mattress down from the 3rd floor and one up from the basement. i felt very accomplished, getting them in here myself, which in hindsight is pretty lame.
* went to salvation army with fokian, where i got sheets and 2 books. on the way there we saw a sweet recliner on the side of the road and carried it back to the house.
* went to julie/casey's to borrow their iron, so i can iron my clothes for my JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow. this will mark the first time i iron my own clothes, so wish me luck (i kind of forgot to do it until just now, so as soon as i post this. i will try not to burn the house down).
* hung out with a whole bunch of people in my room. i guess they had just been waiting for there to be less places to sit. then heather stole the party, once jamie and katie got here.
* we all went sledding!! except we didn't have sleds, so were using plastic box lids. nobody else had any trouble with this, but they did not get along with me. i fell off them both times down and killed one the second time. then i retired, until these random guys with plastic tobogans turned up and let us use those, which ruuuled.
* i felt awkward. i suppose i could've predicted this, but it still bothered me a bit. i hate when i feel like i can't trust myself to just act properly without second-guessing everything i do. don't mind me.
* we got pizza and hung out more and good times had by all. as people got more tired, what they were saying made progressively less sense.

remember when the heat in the mansion failed in the middle of winter and kevin and i just didn't notice for like a month? that totally happened to me again. the boiler here broke the other day and i was just like, gee my room is cold! and somehow didn't notice that the entire house was like 20 degrees until a day later when someone mentioned it. but luckily, others did, and jake from findy came and fixed it. so he is my hero of the week, even though he seems to have lost and/or kept my flashlight.

okay, now ironing. i have put it off for like 10 minutes.

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