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February 8th, 2007

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04:42 pm - wooooo
i have procured myself gainful employment! by which i mean casey told me to call the people he works for and a month later they got around to hiring me. i start on valentines day, which has to be some kind of omen. and here be my work schedule, which got modified a bit so if i told you it already i told you wrong:

mon 2pm - tues 8:30am
tues 1-9pm
fri 2pm - sat 7:30pm
(and yes i do get to sleep on those overnights)


in other news:
why must states make it so fucking difficult to move somewhere with a car? RI barely cares that i am here, but for my car to be here will cost me 100 bucks and stops at 2 different places to get forms diddled. then if i want to actually drive the damn thing that's another stop and another 30 bucks.
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(en garde!)

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