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i edited this post to continue one thought and then added like 90% of the post's content

i guess my last post was irrelevent, since i woke up at 8:15 and couldn't get back to sleep anyway. laaaaaaame.

EDIT: apparently i like edits. so the 1st thing i was supposed to do today was make sure i don't have tuberculosis. i got one of those under-the-skin tests done on friday (my skin had a little bubble for like an hour! it was weird) and was supposed to have it checked today, except oops she forgot it's presidents day today so i wouldn't be able to go back there to get it checked. she was like "oh i'm sure in providence you can go to an ER or a clinic and a nurse will just look at it for you, it only takes a second" NOPE TOTALLY WRONG. i called like 10 places and the only one that is even open today is RI Hospital's ER, and the grumpy phonewoman said i would have to go thru the process and wait and fill out forms and copay, to have a nurse look at my arm for 1 second and sign a form. fuck that noise.
on the plus side, now i have time to enjoy my tea[1] and bagel. mmm. maybe i'll make an egg. heather made an eggwich and it looked so good.

[1] i almost never drank tea until i moved here. but now there are tea bags everywhere and a pot always on the stove and yay warm morning drink.
i will also note that frozen berries (like the kind for smoothies) make excellent icecubes. they do their icy business, and then when you're done with your drink you get fruit!
and yes i put ice in hot tea (and coffee on the rare occasions i have it, such as yesterday for the 1st time since i believe november); i am far too impatient to wait for it to cool down on its own.

oh yeah, i have health insurance as of the 14th, by the way. thanks lifeworks! so if anyone was waiting to give me AIDS or whatever, now's your chance.

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