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a great voicemail kitty left me like a week ago

daniel, it's kitty. i have 2 things to say to you. number 1 -- it started with 1 thing actually, but after hearing your outgoing message, it becomes 2. your outgoing message is retarded, you are retarded, you need to change it. your msg is almost as retarded as [CENSORED]'s outgoing msg and that's pretty retarded. so you know, just a little friendly advice from your good friend over here. but anyway, the 2nd thing is: i liked you much better when you had no skills and you didnt work because that meant you could be a lazy bum all day and talk to me and now we never get to talk because you actually do something. actually you still don't have any skills, but you do work. and i do love that you are the one person i can call and just insult mercilessly for, you know, 45 seconds, and you'll be like oh that's awesome she's my friend. so i would like to also add that. so i suppose this msg contained 3 valuables items of information to enrich your day. so yeah, you need to stop that whole overnite working bullshit because i dont get to talk to you. i got home last night at like 1 and i couldnt fall asleep and i was like, i wish dan was here to talk to because i've got some crap i need to talk to him about. so thanks a lot for getting a job, loser. fucking loser. you want to give me some money? yeah, you make more than i do, you fucking loser. but okay yeah i am done insulting you for now. bye

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