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March 7th, 2007

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09:12 pm - lingo is made of poison
so i've been accidentally charged over 400 dollars.

you see, lauri and i used lingo.com as our phone company out in washington. they're one of those newfangled VoIP companies. things were fine and dandy (except when we are hacked by romanian drug lords). then i moved away and we tried to switch the account from my credit card over to hers. this failed repeatedly for reasons which i'm sure made perfect sense to the evil cyborgs running the company. so every month i get charged for lauri's calls. EXCEPT she is also being charged, because they managed to put her card in but not take mine out. EXCEPT they can't just refund mine because apparently my info was all the main stuff because they failed at updating everything but the card and therefore they don't want to give me my money back. so today lauri calls and, from what she said, basically yelled at people for 45 minutes until they became nominally helpful. they updated all the account info so it (supposedly) won't keep charging me. though the fact that we both got emails verifying this after they had supposedly taken my email off the account was not a good first indication of their success. meanwhile, for further cyborg reasons, they can't refund the charges to my card, but they can refund the charges to lauri's card. which is swell, except she's the one who was supposed to get charged all along. so basically, we're having them refund her, she will send me the money she now owes me at the end of the month when she gets a loan check or something, because for spiteful reasons credit card refunds don't become actual money, they just become smaller debts.

in summary, when i said accidentally in the beginning, i meant due to douchebaggery.

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Date:March 8th, 2007 04:28 am (UTC)
this makes me sad.

the idea of debt makes me very very anxious.
like actually have anxiety.
I don't ever want to have it, and as soon as I hit grad school I'm going to be diving into it headfirst. =(
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Date:March 8th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
my credit card debt got totally out of hand by the end of my washington sojourn. thank god i am being paid in sacks of gold now, so i will be able to pay that all down in a few months.
but the gigantic lifetime school debt? that is another ball of wax which i am very happy i haven't had to deal with yet. i guess it's a lot more structured though; loans are a different animal from just plain debt.

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