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sometimes sunshine

i give up on it all
i give up on the greed
i give up on the ones
who give up on me

i spent about 2 hours tonite playing zelda 2, and i can't beat the damn thunderbird! if i do, all i have to do is kill link's shadow and i WIN, but i can't get past it. stupid bird.

today was kinda dumb. cumberland farms lady called this morning (finally! i was psyched to have that msg on the machine when i woke up) but of course she was gone already by the time i called back. the lady there said she was gone for the day but someone else was coming in later who could handle it, so she'd take a msg and have her call me. that, of course, never happened. i'm getting up tomorrow at 11 to call, cuz i figure no matter what crackpot shift she works, she'll still be there before noon. i know no one is impressed by me getting up at 11, but for me this summer, that is early. it's already fucking AUGUST. i have under 1 month left before going back to school, ridiculous.
oh yeah, so cumberland... so anyway, my mom informs me a lil later (i don't know exactly how she found this out, considering there was a complete message on the machine therefore no one answered the call - unless she called again later or something, i dunno) that a) the lady was calling to see if i could work THAT NIGHT. being tonight. b) that my mom forbids me from working 3rd shift. THIS IS NOT AN UNSAFE PLACE TO WORK! bah. if i can't get this job because of this, i will not be happy.

lauri was upset last night, and apparnetly no better today. i wish i knew what was going on. i wish i could help. but i really didn't know what to say. she didn't want to talk about anything, and complained that we weren't talking about anything. but long story short, i pretty clearly wasn't helping any, and it got very frustrating. as i told steph last nite [1], i wish sometimes i were more callous. things bother me, and if i can't help i feel culpable.
few days ago, when we were both a bit more lucid, me and lauri talked about how guys try to solve problems and girls go with sympathy. that seems to be what it's coming to now. but i don't know how to give a shoulder to cry on in IMs, you can only say "it's all okay" a couple times before it gets pointless. i don't know.
and to further prove the point - i get into a bad mood. lauri's response is to send me a bluemountain card saying it'll all be ok. i don't know how to respond to that.

4 more installments of my halfassed comic strip have been created! until such time as i bother to put them online somewhere, you'll have to ask for 'em. not that they're worth looking at or anything, but people seem to be amused by them. kinda pokey-ish in their crappitude.

if i still had my airplane aflame pic, i think i would've gone with that for this entry. as it is, it was a tossup between this one and plant, so i went with this cuz it gets used less. how stupidly neurotic is it to feel bad that i use 2 or 3 userpics the majority of the time? not bad, exactly, but.. i dunno. they should all be in rotation or something. i'm weird.

[1] i forgot to mention!! so steph and bonnie were on last nite - that makes like the 5th time in my life i've talked to bonnie. she is exceedingly cool - i guess they're thinking of roadtripping down here for a week or so. sweet! when this would actually happen is up in the air, but that'd be majorly good

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