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i'm always surprised at how fuckin boring depression is

woo i have a dr appointment for 4/4. i thought i was going to have to wait until friggin may but i called yet another doctor and lo they had an earlier slot. then i just need to get referred to a shrink, at which point i will have to wait even longer, and then get a prescription and wait even longer for it to work. i just want some fuckin happy pills.
on a sortof related note, come june i will be able to swap rooms, especially for the summer as a lot of people will be gone. so the question beckons: should i get a single? i want one, because yeah single, but i am realizing that it would probably be unhealthy for me and i would hide in my room a lot, as i do sometimes. as i've been doing lately, even with a roommate, so i guess it's not foolproof. you know, i didn't quite realize til sunday night that i was depressed again. i mean i knew to some extent, since i was trying to find a doctor and all, but that night i was like oh hey that's why i'm doing all this, that makes sense.
i am falling asleep. i wasn't able to get my usual tuesday nap because i had to bring mike to a dr appointment to get tazered and stabbed. goodnight!

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