Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i just got dinner and a show. i made spaghetti and spinach with an amazing sauce i invented (mashed up black olives, vegan mayo, butter, tomato paste, vanilla soy milk, cock sauce, dill, ginger), then i went out onto the porch with my food and found dan goldstein on the ground with mark glaring and everyone else laughing. apparently dan put pubes on mark's burger earlier and when he found out he kicked dan in the balls.

theherocomplex (3:58:10 PM): JHQ $pui$ ^t!#$^*({qnasdrhk:a
theherocomplex (3:58:13 PM): WHAT
King Nixon (3:58:17 PM): I KNOW
theherocomplex (3:58:28 PM): SO FUCKING GROSS AND AWESOME

and now i have to walk 20 minutes to give the car place my registration. and then potentially walk back, i'm not sure if theyre done yet or not. and tonight, seeing the host!

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