Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

i think too much

anyone who has talked philosophy with me knows i am strongly against fate. i don't like it, everything it demands, everything it allows. it makes life meaningless because whatever happens, whatever anyone does, that's just fate and it was supposed to happen and oh well. if you suffer, well you were supposed to suffer, it's not because anything. so i don't like fate.
but of course, things happen beyond our control, and either they were meant to happen or they were not. if not, if chance, well what's the difference? if all the free will in the world doesn't save you from being hit by a bus, then it doesn't matter if it was fated or it just happened. you're dead and you're dead, just because. and you could never know the difference. a bird poops on your head, how can you tell if it was meant to poop on your head or it just happened to? whether something is chance or fate would be totally blind from our perspective. it's a meaningless distinction.
so in summary, whether i allow fate or not, life is meaningless. maybe i'll be a nihilist this week.

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