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yesterday i got my ass fired. i made a stupid fucking mistake, but it was also pretty stupid of them to can me over one screwup after i've been doing -- i think -- pretty well there for 3 months, especially while the house is still only half-staffed. and they weren't even going to let me go and say goodbye to the residents, i had to basically beg to be allowed that, and then they let me go see them with supervision like an abusive parent. i don't know why i was such a pariah suddenly. and it's not like i screwed up and was suddenly tossed out, it happened A WEEK AGO.
blargh. this was by far the best job i have had to date (and the best-paying, and the best-benefited, etc). i don't want to go back to working at the mall or whatever. meanwhile my mom is parents are driving me insane. they've written me like 8 emails and called 3 times since yesterday, giving me Great New Career Ideas and checking that i haven't killed myself yet. i predict getting yet another email telling me to take this post down because potential employers might see it.
i am really gonna miss the residents at work.

so here is the last funny thing i will share that pete said to me. enjoy!

for awhile he had this knock knock joke he loved--

pete: knock knock
me: who's there?
pete: rat
me: rat who?
pete: YOU RAT!

then like a week ago he busted this out on me. it was so ridiculous that i cracked up really hard and he decided it was clearly the funniest joke ever and started saying it constantly.

pete: knock knock
me: who's there?
pete: rat
me: rat who?
pete: acorn on head!

okay one more. a partial list of things pete called me: sneaky rat, crazy devil, big dan, wiseguy, acornhead, horsehead, skunkhead

and while i'm discussing my life being awesome, here's a story for you all. this is such a good microcosm of my lovelife generally. so, a few weeks ago was the co-op's blind date prom. we all find each other blind dates and then awkwardly mingle. first ben found me a date. she canceled. then heather found me a date. she canceled. then alina found me a date. she fell asleep and never turned up[1]. so okay, i'm all right, i just started drinking and dancing. i meet this cute girl and we talk a little and dance with each other and it's very nice. i get her number. i called her the next evening, like hey what's up. she says she is in the middle of getting a tattoo and will call me back. she never calls back. so the next evening i text her, something like yo how did the tat come out? she responds "great". i respond asking what it was of, and didn't get a reply. also 2 people have told me they're pretty sure she's gay. either way, why give someone your number if you don't want to talk to them? so i don't know what the hell that was all about.
[1] in her defense: the party began at 9pm, but i was going to a show that night which also began at 9. so original idea was i would meet her at 8:30 and she'd come with, then we would go back to the party after. but at the last minute she realized she had to do something until like 10, so we would just meet at the party when i got back from the show. i went with molly, and we didn't get back until like 1:30am.

on the plus side of things, i came home grumpy yesterday and kitty made me laugh, then julie and casey took me out for pizza and a movie. otherwise i spent most of the day moping in my room, and looking in the fridge in case food magically appeared.

you know, i don't think i talked about my job much on here, did i? i won't describe it for you, because well who cares now, but one thing that always bothered me about it is that we are expected to basically parent them. now caring for people who can't care for themselves is grand, but that doesn't make me their mommy. i don't see why i should've been expected to train them to be a better citizen than i am. who gives a shit if they make their beds, or shave every day? i don't do either of those, and apparnetly i was still worth hiring. we get trained at the beginning on how they still are adults with rights and etc etc, they can even fucking VOTE if they want, but there we were telling them how loud they can have their tv sets and what time they need to go to bed.

also, based on the time we are required to spend training for various work skills, apparently lifeworks considers handing out pills in plastic cups to be 9 times more important/difficult than CPR or first aid, and slightly over 4 times more important/difficult than fire safety[2].

[2] as a side note, that fire safety class scared the crap out of me. in all honesty, the main thing i learned from it was that if i am ever in a building on fire, i am probably going to die, and my best defense is to never plug anything in ever. on the plus side, i'm a dirty heathen; you wouldn't believe how fast christmas trees flame on.

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