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why don't you shut up? i can't believe taht you do not shut up!

ha. "who wants to live forever" by dune turns out to be a cover of queen. gnarly.

so, i'll give this entry some semblence of order. 1st, stuff from friday..
hung out with lauri for a million hours. it was good fun, we did almost nothing we set out to do (on the plus side, i now have 3 coupons for free bowling in windham), but had a good time doin it, so all is well. it was a crapmovie night - children shouldnt play with dead things, plan 9 from outer space - so that was fun. she got sad at a few points (well, she was kinda sad all nite, but like *really* so, i mean) and cried on my shoulder for awhile, tho said she doesnt know why. ah well..
the mall gets less interesting every time i go there. i can remmeber walking aroudn there for hours and being entertained. now the only reasons to go are kb, and seeing if i know anyone working (christine switched from mr rags to hot topic. i find that very funny. she is the tiniest cutest person, it's great. and she makes weird faces all the time)
giant storm of doom friday! one of those storms that takes over for awhile then goes away for awhile like 6 times thru the day. sudden torential downpours.. ah. and the lightning, while strongest during rain, kept up when the sun came back out, which i find odd even tho it's not really all that unusual. driving home that nite i hit a wall of rain. i have never seen that before.. it was already raining, but i suddenly saw up ahead this curtain of rain in the air, and a second later i drive thru it and it is POURING. that was quite cool.
(omigod i'm so lame. i'm sitting here in my room at 1am in my boxers eating spaghetti, i get a little on my face, and i wipe it off with a tissue. ha!)
now.. i assume it's soemthign to do with the storm. but there was a FROG INVASION friday. weirdest thing.. it was only in laur's neighborhood too, i think theyre after her. there were frogs hopping all over the place, thru the street. i kept thinking of that stephen king story about how it started raining carnivorous frogs in that town for no damn reason and they ate the new folks. driving away from her house that nite, i saw in the middle of the road this pile of splatted frogs, where itlooked like 6 of them had been run over on the same spot. grossss

check this out:

spaghetti with pepper and taco bell fire sauce on it is hella good.
and did taco bell make thier hot sauces hotter when i wasnt paying attention? it's actually sorta hot now, good for them.
do you think liking spicey food is a subtle form of masochism? i wonder that sometimes..

anyway, so saturday morning, off to the farm. for those of you new to my life, this is the Inn at East Hill Farm, where my family has gone on vacation for a week every year for 26 years. my parents are all about finding their rut and sticking in it. anyway, last year i didn't go at all and very much enjoyed living all alone for a week. this year i went up saturday and came back today. i was plannign to only go for sat, but renny wanted to stay and i was his ride home and hey, free awesome omelette for breakfast, so why not. the food rules there, it's seriously my favorite part of going. not up to their old standards this year, but still damn good [ok - i do NOT want scissorfight blaring at me at 1 in the morning. stupid winamp, keep track of this stuff!], they had the best corned beef ever for lunch, o me o my. i enjoy a well corned beef.
so yeah, the farm - it's this resort place built on an old farm, and still has animals and tractors and barns and whatnot. i'm not sure if they use any of the animals for food or not, i suspect theyre just there to entertain the customers. and you can go horsie riding! and play shuffleboard [i got wrecked twice in a row! not cool! i used to be good at that game]! and swim in 3 different pools and 2 hot tubs! and there's always 20348587345 little kids running around being amusing. but the problem is, as i grew older, i realized that there realy wasn't much to do after like the 2nd day. i wish i knew what i used to do for the entire week, cuz i seem to have forgotten. i got everything done in hte 1st day, and still had time to read [1]. so that's why i don't go the full week anymore. plus now i get to enjoy the alone-in-the-house-ness.
speaking of reading, they've got one of those 'take a book if you want, leave a book if you want' rooms, so i looked thru. lots of crap, as usual, but i found 2 that looked interesting. a bio of sir walter raleigh (i mostly got this for ben, but i'll scan thru 1st) and 'a short history of christianity' tracing it thru history. could be cool, if it's not too dreadfully dull.

i had the weirdest dream last night, omigod! arright, so i went back to my room at like 9 to read, cuz there's nothign better to do there at 9. i was wicked tired tho, for some reason, and went to sleep at like 9:30. parents got me up for breakfast at 8, so i was 'asleep' for almost 11 hours - i kept waking up and going back to sleep though, so i don't know how long i actualy slept. so every time i'd wake up and go back to sleep, the dream would pick up where it left off, but slightly different, so things stayed interesting. i don't remember the order all this happened in, so i'll just list it out~
i'm on a train/subway thing with smitty. i think other friends were there, but they were hidden or soemthing. so we discovered that i could (thru some process i'm not sure about, but it involved my hand turning blue) remove all the fingers on my left hand at the 2nd knuckle and the tips could be attached to his fingers, giving him supalong fingers, tho oddly w/o an extra knuckle. i got freaked out tho if they were off my fingers for too long, cuz i woudl get scared that if they were off too long they woudn't reattach properly and my hand would be fucked. so the subway somehow brings us to webster, my elementary school. i think it (the subway car) turned into a bus at some point, but i dunno. so anyway, we all get out and we're sitting on the lawn in front of webster waiting for something. i notice tiff is sitting off right near us, but i'm afraid to say anything to her cuz we havent talked in so long and i dont think she'll wanna talk to me (that part is true. this dream however has inspired me to talk to her soon). but she walks over a moment later to say hi, and we start talking.
only get to for a moment tho, cuz suddenly i need to go into webster for some reason. webster turns out to now be this monolithic ancient-castle-looking library, like from 'name of the rose'. i'm looking for something. i presume i woke up at this point, cuz i don't remember what happened other than wandering thru the building. i think i talked to someone. i dunno. aaanyway..
so next stop after webster is we're (we is me and a buncha friends, mostly ppl from high school) are walking around and we come to this field next to a street where this cop has taken over and has hundreds of kids standing around. they can't leave cuz theyre guarded. he's got them all there for skipping school, and theyre going to be shot. we're afraid he'll think we're skipping too, even tho we've already graduated, but we walk thru anyway. i'm almost hoping he tries to capture us so we can show him up with our graduatedness, but naw. tho we do stick around for his speech, wherein he says something to this effect about why we shouldnt skip school: "you will be caught by the IRS! and the [mumbles that noise you make when you don't know a word and hopes nobody will notice]! and the [mumbles the noise again]!" i found this very amusing, esp as it was the climax of his speech he was giving to hundreds of people. i can distinctly remember biggie looking incredulously at me and keith over his mumblings.
oh, i forgot us being in the subway station before (i think) we got onto the subway.. i don't remember who was there at this point, it was a crew. there was some girl who had most of my attention, hence me not really noticing a lot of what was going on, but i forget who it was. at one point we're walking down a big dirty yellow corridor and beth appears basically out of nowhere. i try to pretend i didnt see her (i have no clue why) and continue walking, but ben invites her along with us. i don't think i minded her being with us, i dont know why i ignored her at first. anyway, we get to the waiting-for-the-subway area, which is actually a big hexagonal panelled yellow room, the walls look like theyre made of 'warning: wet floor' signs w/o the text. that sort of material.
now, with no continuity whatsoever, i will go to the last section of the dream. we're at this factory place. in the basement, i suppose. i know i left my jacket and hat (apparently it's winter and i'm fashionable in my pink/orange hat and leather jacket) upstairs on the floor next to the random column. we come upstairs and i see some kid run by, grab the hat, and run off. i yell, hoping someone will stop him, but he rushes off. his mom approaches me, asks if he really stole the hat cuz he told her it was his hat, i say yeah he did, and she promises to get it back to me. then someone else who i identify somehow as his brother goes to steal my jacket and i attack him. despite being pummelled, he just laughs, and i find that his large friend has come up behind me. so i grab this random wooden stool sitting on a random not-moving conveyor belt and go to smack him in the head wiht it. unfortunately i manage to hit jack and dave first, but they were in the way dammit. so i hit the guy and he doesnt seem too phased by being thunked over the head wiht a heavy wooden thing. he tries attacking me wiht a board-with-a-sharp-thing-in-it and i'm fending it off with my wooden stool until i grab a similar board and we're fighting with those. then the fight is just over and theyre gone and i dont know what happened. but i'm walking past a table with many people at it. i spot kelly and smile hi and we're about to start talking but jeff sitting next to her makes some amusign comment and we laugh and i walk off. actually i think that's when the guy stole my hat, so that mustve happened first. i dont know.
this was a crap description of it, i know, but despite the unreality of everything going on, this dream was strikingly real-seeming. very much vivid.

ha! someone in princessashi's poll said that (s)he doesn't think anyone really uses crushlink, and all the ones that get sent out are an elaborate spamming policiy. i suspect teh person - who i forget and am too lazy to check - was kidding, but that's actually pretty plausible. i would laugh a lot.

link from mel:

this is for mel and any others of you who are closet shakespeare-supporters: oh bother, this is friendlocked. nevermind. heh, nevermind that now. it is now public and available for your various pleasures

this was actually about a month ago, but poking thru barnes n noble, i found the comic 'graphic novel' detailing the birth of doomsday. o my fuckedupness! i intend to buy that when i can, cuz it is *messed up*. any comic nerds in the audience will know what i'm talkin about

[1] so i finally got around to starting 'house of leaves' saturday. read it a lot yesterday and today. it's very good, but for all the weirdness, not quite up to 'infinite jest' in quality. o well. it's fascinating for its setup, if nothing else (i hope the story gets more involving later on, cuz so far the structure is too distracting)

o yeah, so cumberland wants me to work 8-4 tomorrow and tuesday, for training, before i switch to 2nd shift. i don't wanna be at work at 8 in the damn morning! (also, with that in mind, i should reallly go to bed. i'll do that now. goodnight all)

btw, mephiskapheles rules! saba saba saba saba, hey hey hey....

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