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"am i half-jewish or half-black? i traded my challah for holla" -some dude

i read this at the as220 open mic tonight, and  i killed it oh shiiiiiit[1]. srsly i was excited when i got off the stage, everyone was cheering and everything. now granted, they also cheered for the ASTOUNDINGLY BAD guitarist/singer dude who sounded like lauri playing shoe fly[2][3], but nevertheless. jared, the host man, cracked up at the "your hair on fire and forks in your eyes" part, like falling all over himself, and i started laughing, and it took like 3 tries before i could start reading again without giggling. i don't know how people can just bang out their stuff without getting distracted by the audience laughing and cheering and stomping and snapping and clapping and whatever the hell else they do during performances. it's so distracting! even when i'm in the audience i find it distracting; it's so much worse on stage. but anyways, i have decided that once i memorize a few poems, i am going to do an actual slam and not just the open mic. and obviously i will win and be voted king of earth and women will flock to fan me and feed me peeled grapes[4].

[1] this is a good thing, note. there was some confusion on this point
[2] she plays this song intentionally amateurishly, for kicks
[3] at every open mic, there is at least one person who makes me wonder why they perform. do they think they're good? do they know they suck and don't care? it seems so strange to me with my stage fright for someone to just hop up there and laboriously work out a song on their guitar they seemingly learned to play 3 days ago.
[4] obviously!

shira was the feature. every time i see her perform, i am blown away. she's so fucking good. she has great stage presence, and her words are just incredible. each one is so perfectly chosen.

my stay-up-all-night-with-heather-and-brian-stravaganza has been cancelled due to them both being lameoids and going to sleep. so i suppose i may as well too. goodnight muffins

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