Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i just had a very obnoxious experience of handyman-ing. i was trying to install a new pressure bar on the front door. fokion bought this months ago and nobody ever got around to putting it on. however! after disassembling the old bar i discovered that there were no keys to the new one. i talked to some people and apparently fokion handed them off to someone for safekeeping, but nobody seems to know who, and he is currently in greece. so at this point i put that one away and start putting the old one back on, but part of the latch wouldn't fit back into the thing and then another piece popped off and it took like an hour to get it all back together and back on the door. it was really a stupid amount of effort to accomplish nothing whatsoever.
also i lost a screw somewhere on the porch. but on the plus side, while i was looking for it i found beer!
last night a bunch of us went to tim's family's lakehouse in foxboro at like 2am and swam and drank and talked and had a generally lovely time.

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