Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

i've noticed

my sense of time is completely out of whack lately. things that happened 4 hours ago feel like they were a week ago. meanwhile, every day around 8 i am surprised to discover it's not in fact 3, which it feels like[1].

[1] on the plus side, everyone else also always seems surprised by the time. i think it's mostly the effect of spending a significant portion of every day hanging out on the porch[2] with like 10 people.

[2] our porch is excellent now. i don't know who cleaned/rearranged, but it looks like a glorious den.

the cherry trees in our yard have cherry-ed! they're delicious!

somebody left this weird book on the porch; it's a workbook on how to improve your memory. i did the 1st section, and it actually works. so now i have the amazing ability to memorize random lists of nouns. the next section is on how to memorize numbers, which would actually be, ya know, useful and not a random party trick. but someone seems to have taken the book.

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