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on why i would consider selling my car:
i don't really want to, per se, it's damn handy to have. i just feel like it sucks a lot of money and effort out of me for upkeep, registration, etc. i could sell it for a pile of money. and i know plenty of people who do fine without cars. i could learn to ride a bike, take more buses and trains, etc. plus all the hippie environmental reasons. and it's not like i live or plan to live in nowheretown that you need a car to get anywhere. i like cities. ideally i'd be going to nyc someday. you certainly don't need a car there. and even when i did want to get somewhere out of the way, buses and cabs can do it, and will likely be cheaper than the total cost of having the car all that time would have been.

on why i couldn't be a fulltime artist:
i was at this awesome show at this awesome artspace. they had all sorts of weird art on display, most of it for sale. but it was fuckin pricey! at the moment i ain't rich enough to drop 25 bucks on something to hang on my wall, but that seems reasonable. i'd go higher, even, if it was awesome. but a thousand bucks? you're not fuckin rembrandt, and you're not dead yet. painting a face on some records is neat-looking, but not a thousand bucks neat. i don't care what kind of cool shit i make, i could never justify that kind of markup to myself

i finally got ahold of kevin (via the clever method of him unexpectedly coming to watermyn with kristen) after trying to reach him for like 2 weeks, and he called his old boss who i guess is looking to hire a paralegal for fancy fun. so maybe i'll have to go back to work soon :(

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