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dan displays excellent communication skills

right. here is the spiffy transcript of a 'conversation' i had about a half hour ago. this will amuse no one but me. luckily, i care not.
so, i'm walking along towards ham smith, and kevin is coming hte other way. he was in my freshman comp class. he's a nice guy, if kinda dull.
me: hey
kevin: hi
me: what's up?
kevin at the exact same moment: how're you?
and then we both pass each other and stop conversing. now granted, i have many converssations like this during the day because many people have decided that "how are you?" is, contrary to appearances, not actually a question so much as a greeting akin to "hello" therefore does not expect any sort of response. i've had people say "what's up" only to be confused when i actualy give them a response. i can't be the only one perplexed by this state of affairs.
so apparently sam will morte me if i don't go to fencing tonite, cuz we're voting on the constitution (i didn't even know we had one) and there have been some, er, questionable amendments proposed. i wasn't filled in as to what they are, but i guess i'll find out. anyway, she was barely restraining death at the thought of them, so they should be interesting at the least.
bah, crazy fiction lady! aparently we will be working with contemporary "mainstream" writing, not "the stuff you'd find at an airport". she amended this to say she doesn't mean to be snobby, she merely doesn't know how to teach things like that. which is well and good, but since when have i ever read/written anything mainstream? i'm not actually sure what would qualify it to be so. oh well, i'll find out i suppose.
i assume the emote for my chosen mood will be some sort of kinky thing, but i mean it literally. i'm gonna go shower after this. yay hygiene.

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