Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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a bat flew into my room tonight!! it was awesome!

cutting my own hair is such fun. especially since i prefer the "messy emo scumbag" look, which basically the only way you can screw that up is by stabbing yourself in the head with the scissors (which i have done before). my method consists of grabbing random chunks of hair, cutting it off at vaguely the length i desire. repeat until most of my hairs look shorter.

i have been discussing with people lately how lentils are the perfect food. they're cheap, they cook easily and fast, they're tasty, they're healthy, they're filling, they go well with lots of other foods, they come in various colors (which sell for different prices for no apparent reason). they're basically awesome. i also like pizza.

went to a dance party with heather tonight, at some random studio warehouse apt type place. it was great! i basically just want to dance all the time

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