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did i speak? had i spoken?

i go downstairs the other day to put an extension cord in the basement. fokion is mopping the floor in the kitchen. here's the conversation from my point of view.

fokion: hey
dan: hey
fokion: what does it look like?
dan: *confused*

apparently after "hey" i then said "what's up", but it's become such an empty greeting-sound for me that i didn't even register saying it. this seemed kind of messed up at first, but it makes sense. even when i do say just what i mean, it's rarely a word for word translation of my thoughts. it's more like

brain: *send a friendly greeting!*
mouth: hey, what's up

and that usually works quite well enough. and even in actual conversation, unless it's gotten to the depth/detail that every word holds tension, that is basically how things work, because giving consideration to every single word is just a lot of time-consuming effort.

brain: *express sympathy!* or *admire new pants!* or *whisper sweet nothings[1]!*

[1] what a bizarre expression. i love how charmingly old-fashioned it sounds, but don't like the idea it expresses - the transience of expressed feelings in the heat of the moment. though i suppose that is part of what this post is all about.

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