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take it off

so had the co-op annual naked party tonight. and even tho MOST OF YOU ARE LOSERS AND DID NOT COME[1], it was a splendid night. healthy, i think. while (because?) there were some people in attendance who were quite lovely naked, it was a notice to self that just being pretty isn't so interesting. because who isn't? when you're in a whole house full of naked people, it changes what you notice. while i certainly enjoyed the night aesthetically, i didn't really think about it after a little while. bodies are just bodies; they are containers for people, but they don't mean anything, and most bodies look pretty much the same. faces and personalities are SO vital to attraction.
basically it was like a normal party - everyone drinking and dancing and hanging out and talking. except everyone seemed really extra happy.
also: i shoulda taken a picture of my bodypaint before it all started peeling. it was neato.

[1] not a single person i invited came! y'all are lame and a half!

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