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desiree [copypasted from julie] - here is where i live — LiveJournal

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October 29th, 2007

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10:15 pm - desiree [copypasted from julie]
i know that this is not an ideal way to communicate this type of news, but desiree is really really sick. she had a seizure on friday at her house and was taken to the hospital. she was conscious friday and most of saturday, just really run down. i visited her sunday morning and she definitely knows you're there, but she can't really talk or stay awake. while i was there the doctor came in and told her mom that the reason she hadn't been given any iv fluids or a feeding tube (since she hadn't eaten anything since friday) was because she's basically dying.

last night when i visited her she wasn't conscious at all. she's on fluids and a morphine drip to "keep her comfortable" now. there's nothing else that the doctors can do and they think that she'll die within the next few days.

we're all hoping that she'll at least have a few lucid moments where she can talk to people, but no one knows exactly how it's going to go. this all happened really fast and no one really saw it getting this bad so quickly.

again, i'm sorry to let you all know this way, if you weren't aware of the situation already, but i honestly don't have it in me to make all of the required phone calls and explain the situation over and over again.

[okay so a lot of you have no idea who desiree is. we were roommates for a year when i was at unh, with kevin and julie. she's one of julie's best friends. honestly, we aren't really close at all, i hardly ever talk to her. but she's someone i feel incredibly warm towards, if that makes any sense. but anyways, she had brain cancer, so this wasn't unexpected, per se. it just got a lot worse really suddenly, and i am sad, and i am going up to see her tomorrow]

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Date:November 4th, 2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah, most people don't know about it. I was a Sr. in high school and had a colorless mole show up right beside my nose over the space of about 3-6 months. I had a plastic surgeon remove it under local anaesthetic (believe me, that felt WEIRD. The surgeon almost had to stop because I started giggling). I actually had two moles removed, the other was on my lip, but I'd had it for several years (the surgeon said she had to be very careful with that one, because if she didn't put the stitches in right, I would end up with a lip line that didn't meet up, heh. She drew her cutting lines on my face with ballpoint pen, and then cauterized all the blood vessels after cutting with what was basically a soldering iron - burning flesh smells great!). They biopsied both, and while the lip one was just a mole, the colorless one from beside my nose was a basal cell carcinoma - at this point, nothing serious, as it's non-agressive and not prone to metastisizing. Still, they were very concerned because it's extremely rare to find this type of cancer in someone of my age and habits - usually it's found in over-40's who were big into sunbathing in their youth. I was 18 and never lay out in the sun. I ended up having a second surgery done as they felt some of the cancer cells were too close to the margin of where they had cut, and they were concerned they hadn't gotten it all. Most people can't even tell I had a surgery done because the doctor hid the scar so well in the natural lines of my face - that's why I had a cosmetic surgeon take care of it rather than a dermatologist.

I was happy cuz I managed to schedule all my surgeries and follow-up appointments during physics and gym classes, both of which I severely disliked.

How is your friend doing? :(

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