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everything's better when hunting for treasure - here is where i live

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December 8th, 2007

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03:22 pm - everything's better when hunting for treasure
so last night gracie needed to do some fancy art thing with a projector and needed a cable to hook it up. i had such a cable but was having trouble finding it, because i don't think i have actually ever used it once. so i am pretty sure it's in my big tub of stuff that i haven't really looked in in like a year. i was digging through it and finding the most hilarious awesome stuff. it was like a solid 10 minutes of "oh hey, i remember this! oh man, this thing is awesome! oh weird, 3 year old prescription drugs! oh a slide whistle! oh 2 year old sweettarts! oh hey a laughing toy furry neon sword! oh hello various ridiculous action figures! oh sup weird sockdoll my mom made me! etc etc etc" i own some astoundingly silly shit, and i love it.
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