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so yeah. i'm working tomorrow at 7:30 in the fuckin AM. meaning i have to get up at like 7 (get up= when my alarm is set. i dont actually get up for another 15 minutes or so. actually, setting it at 7 is cutting it short, but bah). but whatever, at least this way i get out at 3:30.. there is an excursion for us cool fencing kids, we're seeing rush hour 2. hurrah! haha, whatever. but itll be cool, the movie looks lame and funny, and the majority of people on the fencing team don't suck. and maybe michelle will show up, even though she probably doesnt check her email often enough to know about it..
but yeah, anyway. have i said ANYTHING about work yet in here?

O GOD STOP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING AND WATCH THIS NOW! HA! even if you don't like most of it, there's a special guest character at the end who makes it all good

so as i was saying, work.... it's a lot (yeah a lot, i got like 44 hours this week. bling) of standing around and pushing buttons and getting hardcore backaches from standign there all day. and teh a/c is broked, which sucks cuz this has been the HOTTEST WEEK EVER. it was like 105 the other day, which plus the vast humidity made standing in that damn building pretty crappy. but whatever, today was a lot cooler, so it's all good.
ya know, if not for the heat, i couldve gone to warped tour for free wednesday! (or was it thursday? i forget). allie decided she wasnt going and offered me her ticket, and i was all psyched, til i found it was supposed to get to 104 that day, which would = horrible horrible death. i get dehydrated pretty easy, and drinks at concerts are always scarily expensive, so that woulda sucked. plus i woulda had to get up early. so early+intense heat and death = no warped.
soo many people have randomly shown up while i was working, it's great. mr tibbits is a delivery guy for coke now! haha! that's great. and johnny schiavone showed up too, looking very much like a surfer dude. i didnt' even recognize him at first. and lyzi comes by like every night cuz she lives right down the street, that's quality. and steph came by tonight. goddamn, i think i need to kill dave and steal her away. seriously.
but anyway, so i'm planning to get up less than 4 hours from now, that's probably not a good sign. YAY NO SLEEP. bah.

i think there was a point to this before i started, but i lost it somewhere.
i'm typing even worse than usual tonite. f?

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