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December 10th, 2007

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07:28 am - primary delusionary experience
of the so-called 'primary delusionary experience' (a general feeling which precedes any more specific delusory belief), Jaspers wrote: 'Patients feel uncanny and that there is something suspicious afoot. Everything gets a new meaning. The environment is somehow different – not to a gross degree – perception is unaltered in itself but there is some change which envelops everything with a subtle, pervasive and strangely uncertain light[…] Something seems in the air which the patient cannot account for, a distrustful, uncomfortable, uncanny tension invades him[…].' [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_awakening]

i've felt like this a few times. vaguely when i am feeling especially restless sometimes, but a couple of times more definitely. i've also felt the opposite a few times: that everything is oddly promising and good. it could have been a small mania, i suppose, but it felt very outward.
state: hungry and not sure why i'm still up
np: The Fugs - First Album - 17 - Spontaneous Salute to Andy Warhol

(en garde!)

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