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i am going to stab myself in the face

for 5 fucking hours i have been trying to get our stove fixed, because apaprently nobody else has felt like doing it for the past goddamn month, like for example all the lazy shits on the maintenance team. so i figured out how to shut off the gas and i went to findy and got a wrench but it was too small so i went to home depot and got a wrench and took off the tube adn then went BACK to home depot and said i need a longer one of these, and they sent me to like 5 different sections of the store and everyone kept pawning me off on someone else until finally one guy seemed to know what i needed and they gave me a thing, and i asked is this the right size, and htey said yes, and i came home and tried it and it's not the fucking right size so i need to go back and return it and get one that is the right size that i dont' 'think they even have beacuse it took them forever to just find this wrong one, and there weren't any different sizes where they got this from, just different lengths.
and either way they didn't have the bulb we need and didn't even know what it WAS even though i had an old one i was showing them, so i don't know how to get it, and i don't know why we need it anyway because the old one is still just fine.
so we just won't get approved by the fire inspection people and lose our insurance and close down, but at least then we can sell the houses and be rich. (and homeless failures).

also i am really really sick of pete blowing me off. do i fucking have a job or not? just straight up answer something for once

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