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i am a pizza mobility professional

day 1 of delivering for Via Via. in 4 hours, i made $35 in tips, plus the whatever i am actually paid (i think 6/hr?), plus slices of free pizza and all the soda i can cram into my bloodstream (jobs with free soda are dangerous for my health). the people seem rad, except this one dude who i believe is the asst manager and was very grumpypants. everyone who works there except for 1 other driver and corey who i live with is middle eastern, which means a) i have to make them repeat everything because i have trouble with the accents, and b) i don't remember any of their names. i am bad at learning names to begin with, and when they're giving me something like mustafar it falls right out of my head.
most people tipped well, but some dicks at Artistic Tattoo gave me a whole 63 cents. of course, since i am against the whole tipping system, it's hypocritical of me to bitch about that. but oh well!
one ridic thing: i delivered to 130 doyle, then i get back and the next order for me is 129 doyle, then after that the next one was 132 doyle. the fucks shoulda gotten together and ordered at once! makin me drive back and forth all night

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