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so i've always thought desexed language was kind of a fruitless idea; it would be nice, but is hardly any kind of moral imperative. but stuff like this makes me question myself. some of the article is overblown crap, but a lot of it gives me pause. is my position rationalized to make things easier for me? is my questioning this now baseless guilt? i dunno. a penny for your thoughts?

i feel similarly about vegetarianism. i've been thinking about this lately -- sometimes the arguments for it seem really specious, and sometimes the arguments against it do. to give you an idea of my perspective, i will note that if i became vegetarian, this would also make me pro-life.

BONUS CRAP: so i notice that i didn't do a very good job made no attempt whatsoever to explain my linking of vegetarianism to pro-life. here we go:
here's how i see it -- being vegetariam rests (or would for me, if i became one) on the idea that animals have some level of consciousness/feeling/awareness/emotion/whatever. if they didn't, eating them would be like eating carrots. and since we have no access to their experience, and don't even understand our own brains enough to really gleam much from theirs, it's all conjecture.
i don't see a lot of that argument that couldn't also apply to fetuses. obviously the little blob of cells you get initially isn't doing much heavy thinking, but when does that change? and is there a line of awareness that has to be crossed before it goes from blobhood to personhood?
on the third hand, i hate to argue the "but someday it WILL be a person" card, but if being currently mindless means they don't have a right to exist, what's to stop me from going to the hospital and killing everyone in a coma? or everybody in deep dreamless sleep?
there are certainly arguments to be made that abortion can be justified even if the fetus were a totally aware person with feelings and a blog and whatever else. these could also, with some fiddling, justify eating suffering animals (or other people).

i have been informed recently that i am too cold and logical, morally/politically speaking. i see it as just the opposite; if your moral stance comes from emotional knee-jerk reaction, it will be haphazard and hypocritical and not really worth much. rising tide

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