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so remember when i said i was gonna be offline for 2 weeks? well that was because my computer was being sent to dell for a restful spa vacation. they told me it would be 4-8 business days, which apparently meant 1 day. this was the one good thing about this experience.

[so i just wrote a whole bunch of summarizing crap that i can't imagine anyone wants to read, inasmuch as i got bored before i finished writing it. so i will just say here that my comp was acting up, it's still under warranty, and i wound up going through 5 tech support people, 1 customer service person, 2 shipping people, and 1 "case manager with the Resolution Expert Center" before dell decided it would be fun to fix it for me. but it seems to be fine now. if you want to read all the junk i wrote before i got bored of it, i'll stick it in a cut]

so what happened is the video fan started making ridic grinding unhappy noises. loud enough to wake me up, it was. i run the diagnostic thingies and dl some fan-control/temp-reading programs and discover that for whatever reason the fan on the video card had lost the ability to spin over 2000rpm (high speed was supposed to be around 4500) and now made a horrible racket. happily the comp is still under warranty, so i figured no prob bob. and while i was at it, i could get the mic jack fixed, since it died a year ago and i never got around to dealing with it. i went to dell's site to find the phone# and saw they had an option to chat with tech support online, aka not having to listen to terrible hold music for an hour. so i did that.
first person i talked to, JORGE, seemed cool enough, but wanted me to try some diagnostic program that i had to reboot to access. it turned out my computer doesn't have this program anyway, but whatev. went back to dell, chatted with francisco who was much less helpful (kept misunderstanding a problem with the video card's fan as a problem with the actual card) but eventually decided that i should send my comp in for their technicians to poke and prod at. but YE GADS MY INFO DOES NOT MATCH THE MISSPELLED 3 YEAR OLD INFO IN THEIR DATABASE. srsly, my name is not danell wredew or whatever they have it as now. but anyways, because their data is wrong i have to talk to someone in customer service, because francisco cannot confirm my identity. so i transfer over to customer service, where venkat annoys me so much i demote him from having his name in all caps even tho that's how it was presented to me. here, have a partial transcript:

01/03/2008 04:41:44PM Daniel Widrew: "i am having problems iwth my laptop and the tech support people said it needed to be sent in so a technician could look at it, but because my address doesn't match they coudln't confirm something or other and i needed to talk to someone in customer service"
01/03/2008 04:41:51PM Daniel Widrew: "i have the case numbers if you want"
01/03/2008 04:43:18PM Agent (VENKAT SWAMY): "I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced all this while. I will certainly assist you with your technical issue."
01/03/2008 04:46:17PM Agent (VENKAT SWAMY): "Daniel, I request you to contact our technical department at 800-822-8965 extension - *8-08367 for any technical assistance because I am from Customer Care and not technically trained."
01/03/2008 04:46:31PM Daniel Widrew: "..."
01/03/2008 04:46:35PM Daniel Widrew: "did you read what i said to you?"
01/03/2008 04:46:36PM Agent (VENKAT SWAMY): "I hope you understand as to why I was not able to assist you today."
01/03/2008 04:46:43PM Daniel Widrew: "i already talked to tech support, they said to talk to you"
01/03/2008 04:47:14PM Daniel Widrew: "and how the hell did it take you 3 full minutes to figure out you don't work in tech support?"
01/03/2008 04:51:32PM Agent (VENKAT SWAMY): "Daniel, I understand that you would like send in your Computer to our repair depot to have it fixed. Is this correct?"
01/03/2008 04:52:11PM Daniel Widrew: "yes"
01/03/2008 04:53:23PM Agent (VENKAT SWAMY): "For the same, I request you to speak with our technical department so that they can schedule a pickup for the Computer to our repair depot."
01/03/2008 04:54:07PM Daniel Widrew: "i spoke to 2 people in tech last night, and i was told i need to talk to someone in customer servcice because my info does not match what is in their system"
01/03/2008 04:54:18PM Daniel Widrew: "if you're not planning to read what i tell you, can you transfer me to someone who will?"
01/03/2008 04:54:44PM Agent (VENKAT SWAMY): "May I have the contact name and the Zip Code on the account?"

after that, venkat became quite helpful. and then i got bored typing so here ends my tale.

tomorrow: mars volta! woo!

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