Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk


oh hey watermyn has no gas now. it randomly shut off around 7:30 and nobody knows why, including the folks at the gas company. the idiot who was manning thier phones when i called swore up and down that somebody who knew what was up would call me by midnight[1]. naturally this never happened.
you know how when you are talking to some business' support people  on the phone and they need to go check something, they'll be like "i'll go find that for you. do you mind holding for a moment?" what happens if you say "yes i do mind holding"? it doesn't seem like they have many options at that point.

on an unrelated note, i don't like it when people are overly thankful; it makes me feel awkward. i didn't save you from a burning building, i just let you put your stuff in my car for a night. not a big deal.

omg so exciting!! so there's this song i heard on the radio once like 6 years ago, and i had no idea what it was or who by or anything. all i could remember were the words "i suck" repeated a lot. shockingly, googling "i suck" is not very helpful. but anyway, i just found it. it's not incredible or anything, but it's catchy and fun and i'm glad to finally know what the damn thing is.

[1] one would think they'd have a more excitable response to a possible gas leak, but hey. chill folks, those natural gas phonemonkeys.

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