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brendan busts upstairs and says that george (who is foolishly drunk) just sprayed him with the fire extinguisher. so i run downstairs WITH A SWORD and start berating everyone, while they are all giving contradictory stories. not that any of them deny it happened, they just can't agree on which one was sprayed, how long, where, etc. meanwhile as i am shouting angry nonsense at them and waving a sword around, kai is trying to sneak around behind me to spray everyone with another extinguisher i swear to god. so i start jabbing at him with the sword and he puts it down and walks away but then he does the same thing like 3 more times. then george starts violently sweeping the stairs, which mostly involves launching dust into the air. then once he has a big pile swept together, he leaves without picking it up.


SUPDATE: heather did some berating of her own, and apparently they were all very conciliatory and apologetic. i don't get no respect.

but anyway, til that i was having an awesome night. i got new shoes! the laces that came with the shoes are not long enough for the shoes! but they are good shoes anyway! i am informed they look hiphop and don't match my style and good for me for branching out! i don't see this at all! we got shitloads of taco bell which somehow i wound up not paying for! unless it was taken out of the money corey owes me, that was unclear! kai owes me money too! everyone owes me money, i am a fucking bank! i don't understand how i am always the only one in the house with money. they can't all be spending THAT much on cigarettes?

rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead is a splendid movie.

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