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this dude i work with is named syed, or sayd, or something to that effect, and he is a shitheel. he crashed his friend's car and is avoiding hte dude so he won't have to pay him for it. a class act. now today he got dropped off at the store for who knows what, and cleverly did not have a way home planned out. so he is asking us to drive him (to fucking cranston) and everyone says no. he was pissy about this.
cut to later, when i am sitting in the back reading[1], waiting for a delivery to come up. he is sitting next to me, shooting the shit with whoever else is around. he tells me to stop reading. i say no. he calls me a nerd and says to stop and no one likes nerds and i'll never get laid if i keep reading and etc. my shoes are not manly, it seems. he was saying real men wear real shoes (apparently this means ugly leather things with stupidlooking stitching across the top), and i am wearing nigger shoes[2]. he decides i am a wannabe nigger. he went on with it for awhile, about my nigger shoes and how i live in niggertown[3] and etc etc. says he's going to call my mom and tell her i am in the ghetto and getting black blood, or something like that. he was clearly just trying to get my goat, but the thing of it is, he was trying to do it by calling me nigger which clearly to him is a terrible insult. i could care less what he's calling me, what was bothering me was his busting out racism in an attempt to bug me. but at any rate, when this wasn't getting the desired effect either (he seemed to get really annoyed when i told him "i'd rather be a nigger than a shithead"), he tried calling me a pussy and went off on a tangent that made no sense about beating up muggers. that part was actually kind of funny because it was so clearly nonsense. apparently he was attacked by a guy with a gun, and he punched the guy in the face and busted up his shit, and if you ever give money to a mugger threatening to kill you with a weapon, you are a pussy for giving in. now i know!

[1] i am currently reading battle circle by piers anthony. it is kind of compellingly awful. it's a mad max post-apocalyptic sort of thing, with nomads and honor battles and whatnot. men are all named after the weapon they wield, and women and children are named after the men they are related/married to. sorry to spoil the plot for you, but it's not really worth reading anyway - the part i am on right now, this guy and girl who are in love (in the most absurdly awkward way imaginable) get captured. the girl is raped by about 50 dudes in a row, then accidentally killed with a sword to the neck. the guy is forced to watch all this and then has his hands cut off. so he has a surgeon attach a sword to his arm stump so he can go on a mission of vengeance. i will give piers credit for throwing the plot in a direction i completely did not expect, and for conjuring this all up well enough that even now i want to go read more of the book and find out what happens. but it is really the worst sort of trash writing.
here is a quote: '"I hate you!" she panted. "I hate your handsome face! I hate your wonderful voice! I hate your fertile penis! But I have to do it!"'

[2] tho in his defense, brendan (a black guy, for those who don't know him) said they were hip hop shoes when he first saw them. personally i would call them skate shoes. i just bought them because they're comfy and have a neat design on the side. WHATEVA I DO WHAT I WANT

[3] this came from harry, i think. harry is an older and vaguely creepy guy who also works there. him me and corey are the only white folks at via via. harry likes to call the poor part of town niggertown and talks about what bad tippers they are (this part is generally true, but richer folks are bad tippers too. it's all about the middle) and how he doesn't feel safe driving there at night and etc. i've called him on this before, and he cites lenny bruce as his defense. this is bullshit; lenny bruce is arguing against the power of words, not against the intent behind them. saying niggertown does not bother me. saying it and meaning "place full of people who are poor and uncaring and dangerous and lawbreaking and unhinged and etc" does bother me. he also doesn't like puerto ricans.

there is a party going on downstairs for st patrick's day. i am up in my room getting finance shit ready for corporation meeting tomorrow. LAME

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