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“I just delivered to the coolest house ever. It was, I don't know it's basically like just ridiculous like haunted house, terochural(?) abandoned property kind of place. It was totally awesome. It was on Gano Street. For those who even want to know which is like 2 people who was in my name. But whatever, the 2 was my menu. What color is that? We snoop down which generally is no one coz I voice post like once ever. But you know what go ___ you know what the stop sign is kinda staring at me. But anyway, I see so this house, it had this like very long path way to get to the house as a result and it was line but this like dead narrow bushes and trees and everything was like purple like eroding will be used in like awesomeness(?) and the path way was, it was cement and hey cap running red lights. It was cement but like kind of missile line in like crooked and the stone is weird flat and holy crap I guess I'm saying. And what happened? Ok so then we get to the stairs. It's really like fumbling and fucked up and the front door which had like all these numbers that are like script off of it and it was basically just a treat. And then like you know it's obviously no door bell available like 5 disconnected bells. Hideous, get ___. This cop is trying to like drag me through of what's going on. But anyway so like after all these great build up, I'm expecting you know fucking John Doe to answer the door. And ___ this should like totally normal looking like you know business man. Like punky(?) 50's kind of dude and it was just wonderful. It was afraid and getting pretty well also you know. Anyway so the moral of the story is I wanna live in a house like that. Beautiful, it's stand.”

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