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magical maestro

now being a great cartoon aside (tho it is), i post this for a reason. at first i was going to let it stand on its own and see what people said, but that would just be stirring up shit. here is why i posted this- i imagine one of the main responses would've been some variation on 'omg offensive stereotypes', which i definitely felt myself, especially at the asian cymbal-head bit which for some reason youtube insists on making the main frame. but then, what in this cartoon ISN'T a stereotype of something? if i cringe at the indian, why not at the magician pulling rabbits out of hats, or the angry old man in the balcony throwing things at the stage?
it reminded me of an interview on npr recently - they were talking to the guy who played Long Duk Dong in sixteen candles, and why he took a stereotype role etc. one person called in to point out that EVERY character in that movie is a complete and total stereotype.

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