Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

nice nice

point1: now i am old and wise and mature.

point2: for my bday kate bought me what appears to be vampire smut. the undead kama sutra, by mario acevedo. it looks hilarious. apparenlty this book is about a vampire detective, aliens, an army hit man, a "bodacious vampire sexpert", and the "astonishing erotic powers" of the title tome.

point3: the show was AWESOME. even the opening bands were great (kiss kiss and o'death).

point4: i am still a little drunk.

point5: some dude at the show came up to me and asked "did you read poetry at as220 last week?" and told me i was awesome. no one has ever randomly approached me about something i did before; i felt like a celebrity.

point6: i forgot to post about this, but last week i was in the slam at as220. i came in 2nd place and it was a close race. i rule.

point7: minus the people who are reguarly a part of the watermyn scene, a grand total of 1 person i invited came. kristen is awesome. the rest of you are losers.
uhh unless you came late in the night and my brain forgot to tell me about it. but i doubt that happened; people never come to my events.

point8: the strangest bday greeting i got -- Mr Khaoz (10:15:21 AM): Hapy birthday you enormous sack of cholera

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