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“Gee that's kind of weird. I sent a delivery to 60 Wood Vine and I get to 60 Wood Vine and I ring the doorbell and then I ring the other doorbell because they have two for no apparent reason and I knock on the door and I wait a min, nothing happens. So I call the lady cos I got the phone no. on the receipt here and she answers and, you know, you all got your food come on down blah blah blah. She's all confused, she's who is this. I'm like well Veevee(?) I have your delivery and where are you located, well I'm at your front door and I don't know where else she thought I might be like it seemed a kind of odd question. Well I'm in Nigeria man I just wanted to let you know. So anyway, so I tell her and she's like ooh I'll come down and you know I'm chilling standing literally it's that quick, how long it's been just 5 mins, I'm like all right whatever. Wait another few mins, she still doesn't show up. I call again, no answer ___ ok. So I'm now heading back to the store. I'm like, I've had people not like order things and then straight not be there when I showed up. It's happened before but I've never had somebody answer the phone and then disappear. Which means either she died on the way down to the front door or she was hiding under a couch somewhere waiting for me to leave and either way I don't really know. So yeah that's my story, completely pointless. Have a good day.”

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