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May 5th, 2008

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10:14 pm - Voice Post
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“Ok, so I just took a shower and I come out of the shower and I go into my room except that, no I don't cos my door is locked. Ops, cos you know it's just kind of become a bit full that I locked the door and walk out of my room but usually I don't do that when I don't have my keys on me and I'm only wearing a towel. So that was interesting, like I'm standing in the hall way for min like oh, I can just go into my room. No I can't it's locked and with a thing on it oh, I can just go through the closet, no Mark's door is locked and anyway the latch is on it. Oh I can go through the fire escape, through the window no it's not the windows locked. ___ my room was an impregantable(?) forg”

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(en garde!)

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