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storytime, followed shortly thereafter by brutal honesty time

SCENE 1: so i met this girl tina in like march. i was at seaweeds (bar) with some people, and she was a friend of a friend of a friend. we were kinda making eyes at each other, and started talking, and blah blah i get her number and an invite to a party at her place a few days later. party is fun, she says we should hang out etc.
SCENE 2: since the party she hasn't answered any voicemails/texts. after like.. a month? or thereabouts, i wind up at a party of the people who live right below her, and she's there and says something about how she's been so busy and something else i couldn't catch because, ya know, loud party. after this she still isn't answering the phone. okay, hell with it, i stop calling.
SCENE 3: today! i had a delivery to her work. i say hi, how've you been, etc. she gives me a look, and says "you're... dan?" shortly thereafter she goes to answer the phone and i leave.

so anyway, that pissed me off. then being pissed wore off and i just felt sad. not because of her specifically - i mean, i met her a whole 3 times, so whatever. but it's rare that someone seems actually interested in me, let alone someone i'm interested in back. and shit like this happens to me all the time and i don't understand why. not as much being totally forgotten, but i feel like every few months somebody will decide to just cut me off for no apparent reason. they blow me off, don't return calls, basically avoid and ignore me until i give up, feeling dejected and confused. now if someone feels they have to do this, then so be it, but dammit at least tell me why! what am i doing? if i knew, i would probably stop.
and i'll note, half the time it's someone i'm just friends with. so i'm not just scaring off potential dates.

so seriously, brutal honesty time. am i doing something horrible that i'm not aware of? please let me know.

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