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for shiz, i am so sick of flakey useless people. i want my freaking job already!
i had my med training, and i went up to johnston twice to meet my hypothetical-future supervisor (whose name is rudy. i've never known a rudy before, outside of ska songs) and the dudes i would be supporting, and rudy has been supposed to call me for job training/work schedule for like a week and a half. i've called and left voicemails, all for naught. on monday i'm supposed to go meet with some irene person who hopefully will actually let me work for them. apparently the guy she wants me to work with needs someone to take him to the mall and the bar every friday.

"905" by the who has the same synth intro as a stabbing westward song. i've been listening to the who discography lately, and it turns out the who blows. i love some of their songs, mostly the hits and stuff from tommy, but the rest is just awful junk. oh well. i've also been listening to the currently playing song like 5 times a day all week. it's so peppy!

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