Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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“So I just dropped Wayne off and I was ___ driving out, and there is this lady at the corner who's waving at me and I noted who it was I figured it was just you know someone from UCP(?) like Sayonet(?) hey that's recognized. So I leave back and got anyway leave back and driving off and I see in the rear view that she's still like waving to me like come back in notions so might ok and I parked and walked over to her. She me her car keys and says can you back my car up for me I'm to fat, and I'm like what apparently like somebody had parked right next to her way to close to the car so she couldn't squeeze in ___ so she had me like reverse her car out of the spot so that she can get in and listen to me I never laughed before get my car because I'm to fat it's kind off confusing situation but anyway the moral of the story is I'm still hero and backed the car out I couldn't figure out what reversed it right in the car for like 30sec because I'm just see I don't first of all I don't drive automatic and just like steering this thing and I can't find R anywhere on it because it was on the invisible dashboard adjusted guys but you know. So that's just the story of my ultimate heroism(?) today but I wouldn't share that with everyone. Good night.”

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