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as a counterpoint to this: so 2 years after democrats retook congress in a supposed sea-change, i pretty much like them less than bush at this point. at least when bush does shitty things, he is doing what he wants and what he thinks he should do. they are just being craven. and obama too; every few weeks he takes himself down a peg on any kind of optimism i had in him. politics is politics, once again, and instead of good vs evil, it's evil vs less evil. or evil vs cowardly. i hate when people i supposedly prefer are in power and they still are all shitheads. righteous anger is so much more satisfying than chagrined disgust. i'm voting a straight al quada ticket in 08. there's a group with the strength of their convictions.

okay time to go downstairs and drink. first day of summer party at watermyn tonight!

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