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plz advize

i can't decide if i should get another car or not.

convenient as fuck. i like being able to get where i need to go whenever i want, and to be able to bring people places.
possibly need one for parts of my job. i should be able to get the company van for fridays, and i have no idea if i will need to drive for josh or not (tho if i don't, it's an hour commute each way on the bus), but for my weekend shifts having a car was part of the criteria. maybe something could be worked out?

cars are expensive.
they pollute too.
dan, you can take the bus, lazyass! or zipcar or whatever.
on that note, i'm not planning to live anywhere particularly rural/suburban. i like cities, plan to stay in them, and cities are nothing if not traversable.
also i am looking at getting/learning to ride a bike, FINALLY. and by finally, i mean again, since i got one last year and corey promptly lost it because he's a shithead. but that is a whole other post.
also i want to get a segway. i won't, because they are expensive and stupid, but goddamn do i want one.

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