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albany shmalbany

so okay. this girl on okcupid messages me, we start talking for a few days, an invite to visit her is extended. i am off to albany ny!
step one is the greyhound to boston is a half hr late. step two is waiting for the bus to albany. it was supposed to be there at 5pm and after the sign over the door has changed to 8:30pm and it's already a half hour late, i go ask the guy in the customer service booth, who tells me to ask at the ticket counter. they tell me to ask at the room i forget the name of where they keep track of the busses. the lady in there tells me the bus will be there any second. i go back to the line. someone comes to tell us all in the line that the bus will be 5 min late. a half hour later i go ask again, and again i'm told it will be there in a second. in all, it was an hour and a half late. the bus driver gives a lame excuse that the company doesn't have enough busses. meanwhile tho, my phone is still dead and i didn't think to write her number down before i left, so i have no way to get in touch and let her know what is up. she is told by the lady working the counter at the albany station that the bus was only 5 minutes late and was already there. so she thought she'd missed me or i hadn't come or something, and left. when i got to albany i had nowhere to go and no way to get in touch with her. eventually it is getting pretty late; i figure it's bedtime and lay down on one of the benches in the bus station. i am told i can't do this because i am using valuable sitting space for the other customers (there were like 4 people in the building at this point). i switch to laying on the floor. for this, i am told to leave the bus station. eventually i found a way to get online (in a holiday inn) and got her number, and left a msg. i went to a deli for breakfast, asked them where a good place to nap was, and was directed to a park by the river. through some detective work she found me there, so our first irl meeting was her waking me up in a park. i'm not sure how that went tho, as by the time i was really awake and aware of what was going on, we were already conversing.
the rest of the story isn't as schadenfreude-ly amusing, so i'll just sum up that it became pretty quickly apparent that she wasn't so interested. also i met a dude who knows jared paul, was solely refered to as "rhode island" by some people, and went to a drum circle.

the moral of the story: never go anywhere or expect things to work out well.

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