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i finally got around to seeing iron man tonight. after all the hype, i am definitely underwhelmed. robert downey jr is of course totally awesome. gwyneth paltrow is fairly irrelevent. the dude is cool until he becomes evil and then is just flat out shitty. there were some good lines and funny bits, esp at the beginning when stark is a hilarious drunk asshole (my favorite was the hum-drum-vee), but mostly the script (and plot!) were notably shoddy. and the action was just weak, excepting iron monger randomly plucking vehicles off the street and tossing them around. not to mention a deux ex machina ending (tho at least they didn't end the battle with the ice thing, which i was all set to be really annoyed by). anyways, i rate it entertaining, nothing special.

coming home, an odd thing happened. we get back, and kate is on the porch like oh there he is. she says i just called her. i am, of course, confused, as i just did no such thing. i've got my phone in my pocket (oh, ps, i got a new phone. same #), and pull it out, and sure enough, it is on a call. now this is odd for 2 reasons: a) it's a flip phone and it was closed, so i have no idea how the call was made in my pocket, and II) HER NUMBER ISN'T EVEN IN THE PHONE. i haven't put most people's numbers into the new phone yet. my initial reaction was saying that she must've called me, but i checked the logs and it is totally an outgoing call, and how the fuck did my phone call someone who is not in my phone. wtf.

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