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"i will now use the continuum transfunctioner to banish you to hoboken, new jersey!"

[02:48:44 AM] king nixon: i scared myself today! walking out of the mall, i couldnt remmeber where i parked in the parking lot. so, talking to myself, as i tend to do when alone, i said as follows: "dude, where's my car?"
[02:50:08 AM] Traszgo: yay!! you can quote movie titles at RANDOM!!
[02:50:13 AM] Traszgo: when appropriat
[02:51:37 AM] king nixon: thats the thing, i didnt even realize til after i was saying it that it was the movie. that was actually my thought at the moment: dude, where's my car
[02:53:43 AM] Traszgo: cool!! yay chaos!!
[02:54:20 AM] king nixon: heh, quite

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