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September 26th, 2008

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03:40 am - cheerio pip pip
it has been brought to my attention that i hardly post anymore. most of you probably don't even know that i'm pregnant!
so what has dan been doing for the past.. um.. long time? nothing drastically notable, i don't think. working and bumming around, making friends, drinking, getting free pills (wholefoods is giving out free samples of weird pills like Cal-Mag and Food Based One), tilting at the windmill of sovereign bank, being unappealing to the ladies. ya know, stuff.

i guess i never said much about my new jorb on here. as once mentioned, i am now a direct support professional. this is basically what i was doing at lifeworks last year, except instead of a group home i go to people's apts, instead of being given a bit more responsibility than i can keep track of i am given almost none[1], instead of requiring too much needless training i am given almost none[2], and instead of getting a ton of money and benefits, i am given almost none. i get about 1000/month pre-tax, and benefits don't kick in til 6 months (just about 1 month left to go! i can't wait to injure myself with impunity!), at which point they suck up a moderate chunk of my pay. in ucp's defense, ri is hilariously broke and slashing funding to unimportant services like helping disabled people not die. also the company is run about as competently as the co-ops[3]. imagine if people's lives depended on me and my housemates.

[1] excepting the fact that i always work solo. at lifeworks it was unheard of for only one staffperson to be on at a time. here it's an even question whether you'll be able to get help if you have issues. i've found out more about what i am supposed to do on a shift from the clients than from my supervisors.
[2] not that there isn't required trainings, they're just all useless.
[3] it's such a bizarrely balkanized officespace kind of environment. i like most of the people i've met there and they seem reasonably capable, but the system itself is hopelessly defective. no one knows what is going on or who to talk to about anything. i have 3 team supervisors (one of whom i have never met and have no way to contact) and no actual supervisor. most of my supervisorly needs are filled by 2 people who have new jobs now (after a recent reorganization) but still have to do a lot of their old jobs because no one else knows how.

but anyway, the job is essentially to be people's extremely helpful friend. i have 3 clients i work with. one is severely mentally odd, in ways that his diagnoses don't seem to specify. he's very obsessive, his short term memory is awful, he repeats the same stories and asks me the same wonderfully inane questions a few times on every shift (it's like being on that chris farley talkshow snl skit). mostly i'm there to keep him out of trouble. on fridays i bring an almost totally incapacitated dude in a wheelchair to the warwick mall and then to a dance club.
as at lifeworks, i am really unclear as to what role i am supposed to be playing in these people's lives, what my specific duties are, what responsibilities i have to/over them. but despite all this, it's frequently a fun job. i like my clients, and it's sure more satisfying than delivering pizza. plus i feel a lot better now that i am not eating free pizza and drinking free soda all day. that stuff'll kill ya!

it's cold now. make it be warm again. and apparnetly there is a flood watch for providence tomorrow. oh goody.

does anyone else have much experience with sovereign bank? are they always so awful, or is it just our local branch? every time we go in there for what should be simple things, they make up new hoops for us to jump through: bring in this form, have that person come in to sign things, bring in more forms, no bring in THAT form, oh i guess you didn't need that form, have 6 other people come sign things, no wait we forgot to put half of them into the computer, oh sorry we lost some of your forms. i just want to blow the place up and take their money, but i think there are laws against that now.
np: the sheila divine - countrymen (original mixes) - wanting is wasted

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Date:September 26th, 2008 01:32 pm (UTC)
That actually sounds like a pretty cool job. Too bad the pay is so crappy. Hope all is well! NH continues to survive.
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Date:September 29th, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
yeah i have definitely had worse jobs. it's not gonna get me any private jets or anything, but i can survive on it. i'm glad nh is surviving, it'll be sad day when it sinks into the ocean. coach just friended me on facebook!
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Date:September 27th, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
i was asking casey if he had talked to you the other day and he said no, so i was going to get around to calling you in the next week or so and chatting, but now that you have filled me in on everything the phone call is unnecessary!!! j/k lol bff-4 eva. i'll try to call you sooooooooon!!!
[User Picture]
Date:September 29th, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
yay!! i am excited to hear all about this mystical land of "chicago" you claim to inhabit now

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