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things that suck

so it was kindof hinted to me yesterday that i might be fired for not having a car. the reasons i were given was that it's required that you have a car to get hired by this place, for unspecified reasons (and i did have one when hired), and that even tho my carlessness has not had a terrible effect on anything, "it's not fair to everyone else if we let you take the bus". now they understood full well the absurd circumstances of my car floating away, so it was no big deal til now, and nobody but this one person has mentioned it to me, so who knows. this person, however, is supposed to be doing my 6 month eval, which is fun since i don't think she's even known me 2 months yet, and it's not like we've had a lot of interaction in those 2 months regardless.
but anyway! so car. i don't particularly want to get another car. i mean, i do and i don't. they are sure convenient sometimes, and i sure am lazy sometimes, and it would allow for things like spontaneous friend visits. on the other hand, they're fuckin expensive and a pain to maintain and pollute and etc and i can just take the bus where i want to go 90% of the time. i wish zipcar weren't so facemeltingly overpriced, because that is otherwise a pretty excellent model. and it's certainly a plus to not have to go job hunting (tho i would have to go car hunting instead). and going out to buy a car, even a cheap shitty one, for a job that pays around 10k/yr might be a tactical error.
oh well, i guess i should wait to see if anything actually comes of this before i give it much worry.

on the plus side of jobbity, i finally have insurance again, after being without for about a year and a half. which is good since my prescription ran out like a month and a half ago and my dr wouldn't rewrite it without giving me a physical. which, why the hell is that? i mean, i can see her encouraging more checkups but i don't see what meds have to do with it. i looked at the drug factsheet thing, and it seems like the only side effects that would show up in a physical are dire enough that i will damn well notice them myself. but whatev, i have it again now and that is good. i was getting pretty miserable. i forget, when i am medicated and doing better, what a difference it's actually making. it's not just like i get sadder otherwise, or sad more often, or whatever. it's enveloping. i can't think right and i feel like i have this weight in my stomach. it exacerbates all my worst qualities.

meanwhile, bach is in a tizzy. i won't get into it because i'm sick of talking about it, but basically we have a major cash shortage. how can a corp that has $1.5 million in property have trouble with a phone bill? money is fuckin weird. but yeah, here is a halfway accurate but kind of contextless article on the situation. bach is not in mortal danger, we're not going to close up shop, but this could become a fuckin lot of mess. my current feel of the situation is we are likely to sell one of the houses and buy 2 on the west side. not because of this, per se; this kind of spurred us into taking more seriously things we'd been discussing/looking at/planning for a long time. but i really have no idea how things will develop, esp in the short term.
of course, considering all the economic news, we've done about as well a job of running this place as the professional educated managers of billion dollar multinationals and government finance ministers. so hey, good for us.

okay, here's another article about the co-ops, which i mostly recommend for the fantastic opening paragraph. apparently we are a very important subject lately. wolf blitzer should interview us.

i am sick of typing this, and jamie is on the way over, so let me just end by saying credo sucks and i want to go back to t-mobile, and that flickr still hasn't responded to me, so they can go fuck themselves. i'm migrating my onliney photos to facebook. my only major complaint with facebook photo-ing is the same as my main facebook complaint in general: it's too locked down. i don't want only members in my network to see my profile! i want anyone who is looking for me to see it, regardless of where they live or if they have a facebook of their own. i mean, it's swell that they give the options of more security for people who want them, but let me turn the damn watchdogs off.

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