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i rule!

ok, so this thing seems to be workin' just fiiiine. groovy. now, to start off, i'm going to take a hint from the recent fun that's gone down, and say right off that, whatever i say on here, deal with it. most likely, me being me, i won't say anything that's gonna upset anyone, cuz i tend not to do that, cuz i'm neurotic about that (i'm sure i'll have more to say about that at some point, assuming i stick with using this thingy).. but should i ever say something on here that you don't like (yes, YOU), then tell me. ask me about it, say it sucks, say why it sucks. but don't get freaked out by anything in here. dan is rambling and intends to continue doing so. i sincerely doubt i will ever say anything too evil about anything who would be bothered to actualy read this thing, so.. yeah.. in summation, pay me no mind.
and now, down to business......... yeah. so i'm sitting here writing in this thing despite having TONS of stuff i have to do. cuz i'm wicked smart. i have to.. let's see... read 2 books of the iliad, a buncha crap in ovid, a buncha crap in "love medicine", write 19 MILLION friggin jounal entries for my prose class (hell, maybe i'll use entries from here. yay!)(tho i'd probly have to skip this part, woudln't i..), a ton in my reading journal, umm i think that's about it. and random things i need to do over the next few days, cuz whatever. but i am a big fan of procrastination, so i'm doing this now. actualy i hate procrastination. detest it with a fucking passion. but i do it anyway. which is why i am ALWAYS stressed over stupid stuff, have too much i need to do too soon, and generally am running around like a moron. but hey, it's cool, right? sure..
ooh, julie just IMed me. hmm, nevermind the ooh, she's screwed on some project for a class. that sucks. classes suck. that's it, dropping out of school! yep, that's official. cept for not. speaking of which, i need to finish picking my damn clsses for next year. i'm no good at deciding things.
not bad for a 1st post, i don't think. or maybe it sucks, i dunno. i babbled. i think i'm gonna enjoy this thing, tho. so thank you geoff for putting it in his profile so i could go look at it and make my own.
o yeah, shoudln't i actually say something about my day in here? haha i'm smart. k, so.. got up at fuckin early (7:40am), ate a granola bar... mmmmm... did wicked good on a calc test (assuming i didn't forget how to add or something, whcih is entirely possible), watched some of 'a doll house' which, despite being a pretty lame play to sit and read, works REALLY well as a movie. umm sat in my room awhile, lunch, myth - i have no memory at all of being in the class today tho, once i had sat down.. hmm.. dicked around.. my dorm is playing ASSASSINS now. i have the Sock Of Doom. tremble before the Sock Of Doom, puny mortals! bwa! right. o yes: never ever see 'the tao of steve' dear god that sucked rocks. i walked out after 20 mins, and fell asleep in an african art flick. i've been falling asleep alot lately, in classes and stuff. that's probly a bad sign. i think i'm getting insomnia.. i was in bed 6 hrs last nite and i'd be really surprised if i slept for more htan 2 hours of that.. shitty. well, we'll see how tonite goes, eh? i like sleeping.
ok, this is way too friggin long. i'm just gonna post now.

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